Hi Five! 🖐️

5 years with you all. 有你们陪伴着的 5 年。

(中文在后面 / Chinese translation will follow)

Hey online nyaghbors / kaibigan / sahabat / நண்பர்கள் / ともだち,

Time has flown by, and in the blink of an eye, my beard has grown thicker and coarser. These five years, apart from the natural course of aging, also mark the fifth anniversary of this website.

Looking back on these five years, my inner world has undergone significant changes, and I have gradually come to realize the importance of friends. I am the owner of this website, but I consider myself a member of the entire online community. My personality and emotions are connected to people of different cultures, interests, and hobbies through the threads of the internet. It’s like the internet’s superpower, bringing individuals from far far away right before our eyes.

However, my website hasn’t changed much in these five years. As time has passed, I’ve gradually watched fewer anime. Nevertheless, JokerM.com, as a memento of my time in the world of anime and a tribute to my inner teenage spirit, quietly guards my passion for anime and games. Even if the flames of enthusiasm wane in the coming years, the memories of the past will remain etched in my mind.

The next five years are still uncertain, but regardless, I want to express my gratitude to every visitor and friend who has interacted with this website or in real life. Every bit of emotion and support has left me with wonderful memories. With your companionship, every step I’ve taken in life has counted.

Thank you all!

November 8, 2023
Under the bright sunshine, Singapore



回望这五年,我自己的精神世界经历了较大的变化,开始逐渐意识到朋友于我的意义。我是这个网站的拥有者,更是整个互联网社区的成员。我的人格和情感通过一条条的线缆,与不同文化、兴趣和爱好的人们相连接。这是互联网的 buff,将每一个独立且耀眼的个体从大洋彼岸带到面前。

而我的网站在这五年里,却没有太大的变化。随着时间的流逝,我渐渐的少看动漫了。而 JokerM.com,作为我曾处于二次元世界的留念以及中二气质的继承,静静的守护着我对动漫和第九艺术的热情。就算若干年后热情的火焰熄灭了,曾经的光也会记在脑海。



Joker 揪可

I’m JokerM.
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