Change Log

Information about site updates, maintenance and upgrades.

FIX Fixed error date info in Copyright page.

UPD Updates page has now been renamed to Change Log, with new url

ADD Continue in Mobile Devices for posts and Supporters.

ADD A page for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

ADD Animalese Generator added into Morgana's Car.

INFO Wish you a happy Chinese Niu Year.

UPD New design applied for 🅙 ACG, Life Recorder and Morgana's Car page.

ADD Pascal's Quote established for private use.

ADD 🅙 Select+ page added.

ADD Support QQ Wallet payment.

ADD #1024pd 10.24 Programmer's Day

ADD All Equipment page added.

FIX Recovered from a severe hosting issue.

UPD New logo.

UPD Wider header and footer.

UPD Remove all sub-menu. Now Release Notes, Travel, 🅙 Recommended ACG and COVID-19 pages are under Life Recorder.

INFO PayPal is no longer available in donate payment method.

ADD Bitcoin wallet address added into donate payment method.

ADD Google for you service launched.

ADD 🅙 Game page added.

ADD 🅙 Recommended ACG page added.

ADD 🅙 Anime page added.

ADD Supporters can donate by using debit/credit card, Alipay or PayPal.

ADD Travel page added.

ADD To prevent the spread of COVID-19, this site will direct you to the corresponding TraceTogether app download page when you visit Download TraceTogether.

ADD Status page added. Service provided by uptimerobot.

ADD Short Link Service (SLS) established for private use. Provided by 1JM IN.

ADD Supporters page added.

ADD 2019-nCOV page added. Please take care and stay healthy.

ADD Friends page added. Friends links in old friends link area (a.k.a. Portal) have been removed.

ADD CDN and OSS services launched.

ADD Copyright page added.

INFO Change of hosting provider.

INFO officially launched.

ADD Release Notes page added (treat as a blog).

ADD Morgana’s Car page added.

ADD Namecard page added.

ADD Privacy is a fundamental human right. The Privacy Policy has been published to clarify the information I collect and the services I provide.

ADD Homepage page added.

INFO JokerM became my main website on 6 Nov 2018.