Morgana’s Garage

Welcome to Café Leblanc attic.

Earth Now

See this planet from the Space.

Changi Airport Flight Data

Find your flight.

Pascal's Quote

Pascal, from Animal Crossing series, sometimes tells us some truth or fact about the world. All he needs just a scallop.

Animalese Generator

Yes, yes! To make your own animalese voice with this tool provided in this website. You can listen and download the most perfect animalese audio.


这是 Fall Guys Stats 的汉化版本。此工具可在开启时持续记录糖豆人对局信息(关卡名称、计时、胜率等)。

SMM2 Maps and Tools

This toolset includes the portal to SMM2 Level Viewer, player status check and Versus Rank Index. Say no to hidden block and understand your power.

The Evolution of Trust

An interactive guide to the game theory of why & how we trust each other. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. - Short Link

This website uses short link service provided by One JokerM in ( Currently not open for public use.

Google Hacking Tools

Check your website security with Google.

More service coming...

  1. Some projects are open source projects. Please refer to the footer of each project for more information.
  2. 1JM Shortener and Pascal's Quote are private services, and will release to public once the final phase done. Please stay tuned.