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Samsung Galaxy S5830
Galaxy S5830

2010 - 2013
The first smartphone, equipped with the first mobile game I ever played, "Where is my water".

Samsung Galaxy S3
Galaxy S3

2013 - 2014
Obtained from my mother, a powerful machine at the time, which died due to a motherboard failure.

Samsung Galaxy A5
Galaxy A5

2014 - 2015
A transitional period phone with a matte metal back panel that feels good in hand, but it became a dedicated connecting device for the old, hard-to-use blender bought by my mother due to its outdated system version.

Samsung Galaxy Note5
Galaxy Note5

2015 - 2016
The first Note series phone, after which I became a fan of the Note series. I gave it to my grandfather.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 Edge+

2016 - 2017
Due to the Note 7 exploding, I chose the S7, and I gave one of them to my aunt. The rest have all been recycled.

Samsung Galaxy Note8
Galaxy Note8

2017 - 2018
Breaking the 16:9 aspect ratio, along with the iris scanner, won over fans. Originally, I planned to retire it, but I had to continue using it as a backup phone because the S9+ got damaged. Later on, it experienced screen flickering issues.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9+

Due to both ISP contracts expiring simultaneously, I got a new S9, but my mother accidentally dropped it and damaged the lower-left corner of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note9
Galaxy Note9

2018 - 2019
The motivation to change phones weakened, but when the contract ended, it was time to replace it. Now, it's experiencing severe screen glitches.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+
Galaxy Note10+

2019 - 2020
It was the first phone with a punch-hole screen and also the last Samsung phone for me. Now my dad is using it.

iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro

2020 - 2021
After using Android devices for a long time, I wanted to try something different. Lighter than the Note 10+ to make it easier to hold.

iPhone 13 Pro

Due to the serious screen issues on the Note9 that I had given to my dad, I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro and gave him the iPhone 12 Pro to use (which he then sold).

iPhone 15 Pro

I'm on the Dynamic Island now. The new phone, compared to the iPhone 13, is much lighter and has improved tactile feel. It also has a USB-C port, which makes it seem like it will be usable for at least two years.


IPad Pro 11-inch 2020
iPad Pro (2020) 11''

Because the current phone's performance is sufficient, I decided to get an iPad instead.

IPad Pro 11-inch 2020
iPad Pro (2021) 11''

My iPad was taken by my family for business purposes, so I purchased another one.

Nintendo Switch

Master of the world. (But it's the time to update)

PlayStation 4 Pro

2017 - 2023
I became a Final Fantasy fan with Final Fantasy 15 and later shifted my focus to Persona games.

Xbox Series X

Play has no limits, (but console has). So I got XSX and XGPU. A bit regret now.

PlayStation 5

For upcoming Final Fantasy 16. (not my FF anymore, waiting for FF7re Chapter 2)

Learning and Working

MacBook Pro 16" (2021)

(It was) for study.

Lenovo T490
Lenovo T490

Provided by the company, I chose a relatively decent one and used it primarily for sending emails.

Gadgets and Accessories

CForce CF016XT
Prism+ PG270 Pro

I switched to a 2K+165Hz screen, finally bidding farewell to a bunch of tangled wires.

Logitech G915

Starting wireless.

Logitech G903 Hero

Come with G915.

Airpods Pro

Come with iPhone, S$100 off.

AVerMedia GC553

For live streaming and recording.

CForce CF016XT
CForce 016xt

Purchased during the boredom of the , it now seems like an additional burden.

GoPro 7 Black
GoPro Hero7 Black

I regret it now, and I advise against buying it; it gets extremely hot.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Galaxy Watch Active 2

2019 - 2023
A Christmas gift, it had a sleek design and seemed to work better with Apple products than Samsung (?) It was retired in 2023 due to a swollen battery.