Super Mario RPG (Remake)

🅙 Recommend - 2023
  • Chinese Name 超级马力欧 RPG (重制版)
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Story Introduction

As expected, Princess Peach was once again captured by Bowser to become the lady of his stronghold. Naturally, Mario wouldn’t agree. After rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle, a sword descended from the sky and sent the three of them flying away. The whimsical and slightly absurd story unfolds from here.


For those who grew up in past eras, classic games are like the most unforgettable childhood delicacies, always dreaming of reliving them. This game, as the pioneer of Mario & Luigi RPG and Paper Mario, is presented with a completely new visual quality, narrating entertaining stories to a broader audience of the new generation. However, looking at it from today’s perspective, the systems and details might not live up to current expectations.