Hi-Fi Rush

🅙 Recommend - 2023
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Feel the rhythm and play as Chai, who aspires to become a rock superstar, leads a ragtag band in a battle against the evil mechanical conglomerate! From the creators who brought you ‘The Evil Within®’ and ‘Ghostwire®: Tokyo’ (no kidding), Tango Gameworks presents ‘Hi-Fi RUSH’, a brand-new action game where all characters, the game world, and combat synchronize stylishly and dynamically with the music!


The game style is full of vitality, making it feel like watching an anime series as you play, often accompanied by head-bobbing or foot-tapping. The gameplay and art style are excellent, making it a great gift for players who enjoy the comic book art style (even for someone like me who isn’t typically a fan of that style but can’t stop playing). Available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass basic edition, ready for direct download.