JokerM FAQ

Q1 Why “JokerM”?

Joker: Joker from Persona 5 + Mobius from Final Fantasy Mobius. I like RPG especially FF, MM(Metal Max) and Persona.  

Q2 Bio?

Joker: Pre-gen Z. Like JRPG, Sim and Mario Series. A ex-developer, now managing IT projects.  

Q3 Hobbies?

Joker: Anime and game. Sport is not in my vocabulary. Not a crazy fan of any anime, game or character.  

Q4 Any travel plan?

Joker: Yes. Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe. Finding a travel buddy now. Or you may come to SG, I will be the guide.  

Q5 Personality?

Joker: I’m a defender (based on 16-personalities) can provide limited life experience. Support LGBTQ.  

Q6 How about your friends (in the Friends page)?

Joker: I learned a lot from building this personal website (even it is not my first website) and know some really awesome guys. Most of them are nice people. You may visit them in the Friends page.  

Q7 More questions?

Joker: Ask here or comment below.
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