[HOW TO] Clear and format a disk to delete confidential documents in Windows

使用 cipher 和 format 命令来确保数据安全。
  1. Use Cipher
    To ensure that deleted files are not restored, you can use the cipher command. E.g. in E:\Selected_Folder some files are deleted, you can type:
    cipher /w:E:\Selected_Folder
    to wipe the folder. This command will fill 0x00, 0xff and random each one time in unused space.
  2. Use Format
    To ensure safe deletion of the entire hard drive, you can use the format command. E.g. format f::
    format F: /P:8
    Add /P after Format command will firstly clear all partition then filled by random. The number 8 after /P means the filling random work will do 8 times.

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