Co-founder of Let’s Encrypt, Peter Eckersley passed away on 2 Sep 22

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Peter Daniel Eckersley (15 June 1979 – 2 September 2022) was an Australian computer scientist, computer security researcher, and activist. From 2006 to 2018 he worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, including as chief computer scientist and head of AI policy. In 2018 he left the EFF to become director of research at the Partnership on AI, a position he held until 2020. In 2021 he co-founded the AI Objectives Institute.

While at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Eckersley started projects including Let’s Encrypt, Privacy Badger, Certbot, HTTPS Everywhere, SSL Observatory, and Panopticlick. Eckersley was an outspoken advocate on topics including internet privacy, net neutrality, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Let’s Encrypt provides long term, convenient and free data protection to this site and visitors. The spirit of the internet never goes away.

Peter Eckersley(1979.6.15 – 2022.9.2)是一名澳大利亚计算机科学家、计算机安全研究员和活动家,2012 年在墨尔本大学获得计算机科学和法律博士学位。2006 年到 2018 年期间在电子前沿基金会 (Electronic Frontier Foundation,EFF) 工作,包括担任首席计算机科学家和人工智能政策负责人。

2018 年,他离开了 EFF,成为 AI 合作伙伴关系的研究主任,并担任该职位至 2020 年。2021 年,则与他人共同创立了 AI Objectives Institute,该研究所的构想是审视人工智能的价值和政治;他还曾是 OpenAI 的客座高级研究员。研究和政策工作侧重于包括预测性警务、自动驾驶汽车、网络安全和人工智能的军事用途等应用。

在 EFF 工作期间,Peter Eckersley 启动了包括 Let’s Encrypt、Privacy Badger、Certbot、HTTPS Everywhere、SSL Observatory 和 Panopticlick 在内的项目。Eckersley 是一位直言不讳的倡导者,主题包括互联网隐私、网络中立性和人工智能伦理。

Let’s Encrypt 为本站和访客的数据安全提供了长期、方便且免费的保护。望互联网精神永存。

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