Death Punishment, Hanging and Drugs

How should Singapore deal with these problems?

Today I read an article published by Singapore Eye, about a man, Syed Suhail bin Syed Zin (Syed Suhail), who had been drugging since 1999, will be imposed death punishment (hanging) at Changi Prison on 18 Sep 2020.

Syed Suhail had sentenced to death in 2011 for selling and transporting drugs in Singapore. And after 9 years, he was notified to be hanged tomorrow. After receiving the message, he wrote to a Singapore human rights lawyer M.Ravi. Ravi immediately applied reconsideration with the supreme court.

Ravi also posted on Facebook about how the “unfair and inhumane” treatment Syed Suhail suffered in the case, and a lot of foreigners’ punishment have been postponed but Syed Suhail has not.

After Ravi posted, some human rights NGO and supporters are appearing the supreme court set aside the judgment. Even abolish the death penalty.

In my personal opinion, we separate this case into 4 parts:

Should the supreme court delay the punishment?


Due to COVID-19, many countries have closed their borders and ports. Therefore, it is difficult to let Syed’s family members meet him before the punishment is executed. Government may assist him to arrange the last time meeting.

Should the court set aside the judgment?


The fact is Syed violated the law, and he knew that. All proof and supporting documents are clear. So there is no doubt about the judgment.

Should Singapore abolish the death punishment related to drug?

No. Not now.

To protect the next generation, I support the government to impose death punishment to drugs seller and transporter.

But for the drug users, the government should try to help them get rid of the drugs first. If they can restart their lives without drug anymore, it will be the best solution for all.

Should Singapore abolish hanging?


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