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Hi Five! 🖐️

5 years with you all. 有你们陪伴着的 5 年。

[AImagine] The eyes of the cyber world – Internet censorship

Internet censorship can suppress freedom of speech and access to information, but it can also protect public safety and security. It's important to have transparency, oversight, and a balance between

[AImagine] Work from home

Working from home offers flexibility and cost-savings, but also comes with disadvantages such as lack of social interaction and difficulties separating work and personal life. The trend of remote work

[AImagine] Move to another planet

Human habitation on another planet is currently not possible due to various challenges, including a lack of a protective atmosphere, a suitable climate, and a source of food and water.

Renew your Microsoft 365 E5 license with MS365 E5 Renew Plus

MS365 E5 Renew Plus can *increase the probability* of renewing your developer account. Made by SundayRX.

Co-founder of Let’s Encrypt, Peter Eckersley passed away on 2 Sep 22

Free, automated and open CA for a more secure and privacy-respecting web.

Export SVG w/o any inline style

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Before&After

Valuable memories and time in Phantom Island.

Switch between light and dark mode automatically

To make your site looks better, or to provide a comfortable reading experience at night, you may consider to use a dark theme. But have you think about how to

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